Telstra Avoca Dell Murray River Crossing

TPC has recently been engaged to replace a damaged optic fibre cable that runs beneath the Murray River at Avoca Dell – Murray Bridge. With over 20+ years of experience in Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD Technology) TPC were able to install a new conduit under the Murray River that ran for a length of over 300m and at a depth of 13m.

Members of the TPC team were sent to the Murray Bridge with all of the plant and equipment required to complete the project. Whilst it looks like a day of boating on the famous river, the technology utilised and our staff’s experience and knowledge resulted in a timely completion of the work to a standard that as always, pleased our client.

TPC has also been contracted by Telstra to replace damaged optic fibre cables throughout South Australia and the Northern Territory utilising a vast array of civil technology including Rock Sawing, Cable Ploughing and Directional Drilling.