TPC have two fully equipped hauling crews operating in South Australia. Our crews are experienced in hauling Telecommunications and Electrical Services Cabling through Pit and Duct Conduit Networks.

Our supervised crews are experienced in hauling cabling through occupied conduits systems to ensure damage to existing services is prevented. TPC also conduct proving exercises on existing conduits to ensure that new cabling can be installed via mandrel testing of the conduit capacity.

If in the event conduits are blocked then TPC can mobilise one of our 11 Vacuum Excavation trucks to undertake blockage clearing and repairs.

TPC crews have the following hauling plant and equipment :

  • Hauling Truck complete with a 2 tonne Hiab Crane, Heavy Duty Cable Jinker
  • Fibre Optic Cable Hauling Winch fitted to a Toyota Land cruiser
  • Hauling Equipment and rollers Compressor Traffic Management