Horizontal Directional Drilling

Trenchless pipe Laying Contractors have been performing Horizontal Directional Drilling for over 25 years in Australia we have a large range of drilling equipment and electronic locating resources to track the drill paths whilst undertaking the drilling. Our drilling crews plan the route of each path after extensive service locating has been completed to determine the path. The drilling process is normally undertaken in 3 stages, the first stage involves use creating a pilot hole we have the ability to control the direction of the drill head during this process to ensure an accurate path is created for the location of the bore. The second stage of the bore involves reaming the hole out to the required size for the service to be installed and the third process is to pull back the pre-fabricated pipe through the bore hole.

TPC can install pipe services from 50mm through to 12 x 100mm conduits in a 900mm drill hole.