Pit & Manhole Installation & Repair


Trenchless Pipelaying Contractors are highly trained and experienced on the repair of existing Pits and Manholes or the installation of new. With pits dating back for many decades, there is a good chance that if they have not been replaced since 2003, they will be made of asbestos-containing cement.

TPC staff are accredited with the “Class A” Asbestos Licence which permits them to remove Friable Asbestos. This means that they have the skill and the training to handle asbestos-containing products and dispose of them in a safe manner. It also means that they have the ability to inspect and detect possible contaminated product and to safely cordon off areas that are not safe on a worksite.

TPC work with their clients to ensure that each project is in compliance with Asbestos Management Procedures and to ensure that our staff reinforce these standards at all times.