Why Trenchless Pipelining is Better Than Digging Trenches

Why Trenchless Pipelining is Better Than Digging Trenches

Why Trenchless Pipelining is Better Than Digging Trenches

February 13, 2019 Posted by - Posted In: Trenchless Drilling

Whenever the sewer lines needed repairing, people in the past had only one option i.e. to dig the trenches. Contractors had to bring heavy machinery to dig the yards up to locate the problem and fix it.

Traditional trenching is not just messy but expensive. It could cost you $20,000 and even more. Other than this, there are other complications involved. For instance, before you start digging, you need to get the government’s approval and a permit.

Depending on the area, you might also need traffic control. The job is time-consuming as well as expensive.

Things have changed. You no longer have to get your trenches dug to replace the damaged pipes or fix them. We have a no-dig solution available now and it’s called “trenchless pipelining.” This solution has drastically changed how we used to perceive pipe repairs and replacement.

Let’s see why trenchless pipe laying is better than digging the trenches:

• It’s non-invasive

With this solution, it will only take one day to fix the sewer lines. And it’s certainly less invasive as compared to the traditional method of digging. Plus, you won’t have to stop your day’s affairs just because the contractors are working. The best thing is that you don’t have to deal with noise of heavy machinery or digging.

• It is environmentally-friendly

Digging trenches was really damaging for the environment since unearth hazardous compounds were used. The broken pipes used to become part of the landfills later on. But thanks to the trenchless technology, the HDPE pipes used are a non-toxic. In fact, they are 100% earth friendly.

• It’s cost-effective

As there is no digging involved, you don’t have to pay extra money for excavation and then landscape restoration. Once the trenchless pipe laying contractors are done with the repairs, your pipes will be good for the coming 50 years. It’s a really cost-effective investment and you will realize that in the long run.


More benefits of trenchless pipelining

If the aforementioned reasons aren’t enough for you, have a look at these:

• For Trenchless pipe laying, state-of-the-art trenchless machines are used by expert plumbers to repair the broken pipes. You will have high-quality repairs for sure since your pipes are now free from cracks, rust, and corrosion.

• As said before, it would take the contractor just a few hours to finish the job. If it’s pipe repairs, they will be as good as new.

The Trenchless CIPP technology can fix all kinds of pipes. This technology is not made to work on traditional materials like cast iron, clay or concrete only.

The epoxy resin is used to fix the pipes can last up to 50 years. Who would have thought a non-invasive method of repairing the sewer pipes could be so durable?

These benefits of trenchless pipelining make this technology too good to be true but it’s actually that durable. The only downside is sometimes, it may be too late for rehabilitating the pipelines. But this only happens when the damage is irreversible and you have no option but to have the pipelines replaced altogether.